Number Meanings

There are no set definitions for the meaning of specific digits. Common examples of a positive expression of the number are in the first line and the negative is in the second.

1. Individual, unique, initiator, original, self, leadership, Yang.

Dependent, follower, lonely, bossy, domineering.

2. Balance, details, co-operate, partnership, union, tact, peacemaker, relationship, receptive, Yin.

Hoarder, clutter, gossip, critic, thief, impatient, timid.
3. Communication, interaction, fun, joy, creativity, expression, sociability, performer, artist

Jealous, dull, sad, unfriendly, inarticulate.

4. Organization, order, work, forms, builder, logical, practical, stable, solid, system, disciplined.

Limits, lazy, stubborn, disorganized, incompetent, unstable.

5. Action, freedom, change, variety, diversity, adventure, travel, exercise, restless, life experience.

Fear, bored, addict, untamed, liar, fragmented, sex, the senses.

6. Home, family, responsibility, teacher, parental, harmony, beauty, duty, healing, obligation,

Divorce, selfish, ugly, unadjusted, unhealthy, inflexible, irresponsible.

7. Thought, analysis, consciousness, spirit, mystic, expert, faith, words, meditator, understanding.

Repressed, agnostic, dogmatic, odd, illiterate, faithless, uneducated.

8. Power, sacrifice, money, finances, material, authority, business, success, recognition, power.

Fraud, coward, negligent, failure, poor, under earner, abuse.

9. Highest good,, service, selflessness, humanitarian, brotherhood, philanthropy, compassion, agape.

Endings, loss, rude, callous, unkind, narrow, unforgiving, apathy, intolerant, over emotional.

Some numerologists analyze double-digit numbers as well, from 10 to 99. These numbers (e.g., 11, 22, 33,…) are commonly referred to as “master numbers” (Buess, 2005). This study of numerology is based on the evidence of significant double-digit numbers in the Kabbalah, the I-ching, the Pythagorean numerology, the Tarot Arcana of the Eastern faiths, and the Runes of the Viking age. Various authors of numerology books determine various meanings for each number, from 0 to 9 and from 10 to 99.


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