5 Profound Yet Simple Questions to Develop Your Intuition

There are five questions that you can always consider asking yourself that are stated above and below. They can be used in any situation, where you are working with yourself, and your own inner dynamics. Every time, when you ask yourself these five questions, you are also practicing developing your ability to use your intuition to intuit knowledge and guidance from and about yourself (Ozimkiewicz, 2012). Again, the important questions are:

1. What do I see?

2. What do I hear?

3. What does it feel like?

4. What do I sense?

5. What is it?

As you practice the above information, you will begin to constellate and consolidate it all. You will do it automatically without thinking about it. The main reason to follow the aforementioned information is because it stimulates your mind and perceptions. It strengthens your four psychological functions, which are thinking, feeling, sensation and intuition. For more information on this topic, the reader is referred to Jung, who wrote extensively about this subject in his book Psychological Types. (1976/1971)

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On The Intuitive Spectrum:
A Deeper Look into the Amazing Value of Intuition

The sun god Apollo sentenced Cassandra to be able to prophesy her intuitions but to never be believed. In the modern-day world intuition is rarely believed or trusted because there is no proof or guarantee. Only after the intuition was seen to be correct do you say, “Oh, if only I had listened to my intuition.” Susan invites you to explore the depth of intuition with her and discover its worth to you.

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