2013 Your Intuitive Insights for Yourself

Have you given any feeling and thought to your coming year? Are you wondering what is in store for you? Do you have a felt sense or an insight as to your personal direction?

Consider allowing yourself  to be an intuitive visionary for your own life. Are the new thoughts and ideas that have come to you food for your investigation and exploration on your path?

This is a good month, the first month of the new year and cycle to contemplate your life’s possibilities. Take a few moments to receive your insights and pay attention to what has floated in and out of your mind. See if any answers to your questions are transmitted to you.

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On The Intuitive Spectrum:
A Deeper Look into the Amazing Value of Intuition

The sun god Apollo sentenced Cassandra to be able to prophesy her intuitions but to never be believed. In the modern-day world intuition is rarely believed or trusted because there is no proof or guarantee. Only after the intuition was seen to be correct do you say, “Oh, if only I had listened to my intuition.” Susan invites you to explore the depth of intuition with her and discover its worth to you.

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