The Flash of Intuition

Have you ever noticed in yourself that the physical senses are conduits, which carry intuitive transmissions and receptions? Malcolm Gladwell (2005) explained in his book Blink that an intuitive perception travels fast; it happens in the twinkling of an eye or in the blink of an eye. He wrote about the accuracy in the “intuitive flash” and the “snap judgment.” To be able to make a decision quickly that is just as accurate as a long thought-out  decision process is a new intuitive direction. Gladwell called the part of “our brain that leaps to conclusions… the adaptive unconscious, and the study of this kind of decision-making is one of the most important new fields in intuition work.

I have noticed over time that in the first three seconds of any event or encounter, pure clear intuition appears with a sure imprint upon myself. Then my head and thinking process jumps to justify away what was just apprehended. With practice this dynamic can change.

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On The Intuitive Spectrum:
A Deeper Look into the Amazing Value of Intuition

The sun god Apollo sentenced Cassandra to be able to prophesy her intuitions but to never be believed. In the modern-day world intuition is rarely believed or trusted because there is no proof or guarantee. Only after the intuition was seen to be correct do you say, “Oh, if only I had listened to my intuition.” Susan invites you to explore the depth of intuition with her and discover its worth to you.

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