Intuition IS Non-Rational

Intuition is the one non-rational function, and because it is non-rational, it is difficult to comprehend and work with it in a useful way. To describe an intuitive impression or potential possibility in a non-rational way, without the use of the senses and sense related words is almost impossible.  However, one might express the intuition musically, with a choreographic movement, paint it or poetically give voice to it to convey the experience. The intuitive experience is just that, an experience. It is an immediate awareness that happens to the individual’s entire body and mind in an instant.

Introverted intuition is stimulated by external sensory objects in relation to what was released inside of one’s self simultaneously. There is also the quality of being able to see the influx that comes up from the inner world, to be able to pay attention to and use it constructively.

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On The Intuitive Spectrum:
A Deeper Look into the Amazing Value of Intuition

The sun god Apollo sentenced Cassandra to be able to prophesy her intuitions but to never be believed. In the modern-day world intuition is rarely believed or trusted because there is no proof or guarantee. Only after the intuition was seen to be correct do you say, “Oh, if only I had listened to my intuition.” Susan invites you to explore the depth of intuition with her and discover its worth to you.

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