Intuitive Audile – The Heard Mental Image

Sometimes you can overhear yourself say something that you did not think you  knew. The ear is being used as soul/psyche’s tool. The audile experience is Psyche’s language which uses your own unconscious material to reveal a heard mental image. This mental image may haunt the listener. It is clearly experienced, and it is rarely recognized as the unconscious contents trying to manifest into consciousness.

The Heard Image

A therapist can be audile and make something out of what has been heard. The therapist can work it with the client as having heard the image. Being audile includes the ability to receive mental imagery through vibratory sound instead of the more common audio-visual path or through a subtle movement that can result in a mental impression. The intimate and extremely personal sound of poetry creates a mental and often times intuitive perception as well.

The Poetic Sound

Reading an appropriately insightful poem to a client that feels stuck in a repetitious and frustrating situation can introduce a tuneful and tone-filled reverberation through the audile experience which may affect the client in a new way. The client then might introduce a new perspective on the issue that is being held in the therapeutic session, due to the changed resonance in the client which has occurred by the very act of listening. The act of listening can impact and touch the listener in a very deep way thereby interrupting and initiating a new course of perceptive thinking.

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On The Intuitive Spectrum:
A Deeper Look into the Amazing Value of Intuition

The sun god Apollo sentenced Cassandra to be able to prophesy her intuitions but to never be believed. In the modern-day world intuition is rarely believed or trusted because there is no proof or guarantee. Only after the intuition was seen to be correct do you say, “Oh, if only I had listened to my intuition.” Susan invites you to explore the depth of intuition with her and discover its worth to you.

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