Money Energetics

New Book Release

money_energetics_by_susan_ozimkiewicz_amazonMONEY ENERGETICS: An In Depth Look at Why You Are Paid What You Think You Are Worth.   

Do you think I am made of money or do you think money grows on trees are the perennial questions explored. This book seeks to explain and demonstrate why literally you are made of money, and money does grow on trees. It is your particular money tree that was planted a long time ago.

Money is only a symbol for the energetic qualities that connects you to your own personal ideas about your specific sense of self-worth.  The money that you make reflects to you the thoughts held in the core beliefs that are stored in the depths of your being. They determine what you think you deserve relative to your measure of self-value judgments over many years, even until this very day.

The themes, patterns, and paradigms that are contained in myth and story will be used to show that the relationship to money as a value has hardly changed through cultures and time. It is the attitude and approach to the relationship with money that appears to alter and transform as people’s behavior and their movement toward their sense of richness adjusts to new circumstances. The tales, poetry, and myths used will show and demonstrate the fantasies, anxieties, fears, desires, and wanting as  a way for people to find and be in a right relationship with their money, as the symbol of their own wealth, resources, and richness of being.




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