AcuProcess explores the complex relationship between your body and your mind as it relates to your own physical symptom,  an emotional reaction, or the symptom as an independent container of a personal issue or life experience that has been excluded or cut off from your own conscious awareness and stored in your body as a symptom or pain.

A unique personal “response-ability” occurs as you are able to track and re-examine the meaningful activity within your own mind and body system. AcuProcess can aid in connecting you to your own inner core from which a change or shift in perception and healing can arise.

AcuProcess Therapy with Susan
Susan employs a Jungian oriented depth psychotherapeutic approach with you in your AcuProcess session. An intuitive body scan is used to obtain an accurate insight and body focus. A verbal assessment is explained. This is a collaborative counseling process that occurs between you and Susan. We work together with the “body symptom” as it is resolved & transformed by redistributing the energy that is stored in the symptom into a balanced relationship within your own mind/body/spirit/soul system through your own insight and understanding.

When the redistribution and assimilation of the symptom’s energy & meaning has been unlocked and reabsorbed back into your being, a positive healing affect occurs that introduces self-understanding by producing awareness of feeling in the body, and a sense of your own personal well-being.

Symptom resolution occurs when a personal balance and connection is restored between your own inner world perceptions and your outer world experience.

As a depth psychotherapist Susan’s approach with AcuProcess includes the expressive arts such as incorporating your persoanl dreams, sand tray, drawing, poetry and writing, and active imagination to enhance your own creative process which connects you to your own mind/body/soul/spirit individuation process.

AcuProcess is an active and integrative process co-developed by Susan Ozimkiewicz, MA, NCC, LCPC and Jean Kuty, L.Ac., LPC in 1998. In 2002, Susan and Jean presented AcuProcess research for the Society of Acupuncture Research at the Fred Hutchinson Research Center in Seattle, WA. They have presented seminars in Boise and Coeur d’Alene, ID and Bastyr University in Seattle, WA.

AcuProcess Therapy with Susan and Jean
In a joint AcuProcess session the therapists combine their skills to provide a deeper, unique, and enhanced experience for the client. Susan’s intuitive body scan and verbal assessment incorporates the symptoms, personal issues and dreams. Jean applies acupuncture during the session. Susan and Jean have seen a quickening in the healing process for client’s over the years.

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