right_content_background_with_logoSusan Ozimkiewicz, MA, NCC, LCPC – National Board Certified Counselor, a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor,  a Depth Psychotherapist, a process psychobiology specialist (process work), and a mental health Counselor. Experience a session of expanded counseling with Susan that incorporates the subtle sense perceptions that arise in the in the therapeutic counseling environment to focus on healing your own core issues.

Individual Counseling
Your most natural resource is in yourself. Susan’s work is characterized be a deep respect for the unfolding of your own individual life process, knowing that the “life experience” is in constant change, complex and fluid. The depth psycho-therapeutic process works with the wounded, rejected, neglected, abandoned, and painful, emotional & fragmented parts of yourself by building compassion, rapport, trust, dreams, stories, and personal myth as healing agents of your own body/mind/soul/spirit.

Susan’s work as a depth psychotherapist is characterized as a deeply integrative process that benefits your own complexity and your own unique human soul. A combination of integrative therapies and modalities are combined to facilitate your own individual process such as Jungian Psychology, Archetypal Psychology, Imaginal Psychology, Psychodynamic approaches, Family Systems, Dream Work, and Active Imagination.

Marriage/Couples Counseling
A relationship exists between two people. It is the relationship that is the client. Couples work includes unlocking core issues that are a barrier to each person’s heart and openness to intimacy. Mutual trust, acceptance and respect are also cultivated to access joy, pleasure & companionship together. Couples work is an alchemical process that creates more space and room in the relationship for each partner to regain a sense of self and a personal connection or union with their partner.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, is a late-stage, trauma resolution method. Developed in the late 1980’s, EMDR currently has more scientific research as a treatment for trauma than any other non-pharmaceutical intervention. Based on empirical evidence as well as thousands of client and clinician testimonials, EMDR has proven an efficacious and rapid method of reprocessing traumatic material. EMDR appears to assist in processing of traumatic information, resulting in enhanced integration – and a more adaptive perspective of the traumatic material. The utilization of EMDR has been shown to obviate the need for some of the more difficult abreactive work (i.e. reliving the trauma), often associated with the psychoanalytic treatment of a variety of conditions, including generalized and specific anxieties, panic, PTSD symptoms (such as intrusive thoughts, nightmares, and flashbacks), dissociative disorders, mood disorders and other traumatic experiences. Theoretically, EMDR is about integration-bilateral hemispheric (right/left brain) integration; triune brain (brain stem, limbic system and cerebral cortex) integration; and at least some type of mind/body integration, but practically, it’s about convincing the mind and body that the traumatic event is, indeed over. EMDR helps to put the past in the past, where it belongs, instead of staying stuck in it (feeling like it has happened all over again in the present-with the same thoughts, emotions and body sensations- that accompanied the event in the past).

Life Coach
Licensed counselors are the very best “life coaches” because of their extensive training. As a life coach the counselor helps you develope and excel in your life to achieve your goals.

Life Transition Counseling
Issues that relate to loss and change that is expected or sudden, grief, bereavement, shock, trauma, illness, terminal situations, loss of vision, meaning and purpose, and crises of your own soul and spirit. Empathic presence, compassionate dialogue, and depth psychotherapeutic processes are employed to help you regain a sense of your own inner equilibrium, centeredness, and inner peace.

Expressive Arts Therapy
Expressive arts therapy is available for all clients, children through adults. Self expression occurs through sand tray, drawing, writing, and the poetics, as a means to explore your own personal healing symbols, images, and metaphors that connect to your own innate wisdom that is alive in your own mind/body/soul/spirit for an integrative healing process.

“It is not by meticulous care in avoiding all contaminations that we can keep our [spiritual body] clean and give it grace, but by urging it to give vigorous expression to its inner life in the very midst of all the dust and heat and hurts.” — Rabindranath Tagore

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