Medical Intuitive




Susan is an intuitive depth psychotherapist and as a medical intuitive utilizes her intuition and “in-sight” to seek the core or root cause of a physical symptom, emotional issue, or other influence that seemingly disturbs a person. Susan has always scanned a person with her eyes closed so as not to be influenced by the client or obtain any preconceived ideas about the individual that she is viewing.

It is not the external world that thwarts us, but the internal world reaction and perception that has not been consulted, and therefore blocks the path to the unity of consciousness.

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NOTE: Susan does not practice medicine and does not seek to replace any client’s clinician, nor does Susan comment on another practitioner’s treatment and recommendations.

Dreamwork  is used in a session as a personal wisdom and  an effective guidance tool offered to the dreamer from Psyche and the unconscious. The  images, metaphors, symbols, scenes, and figures are interpreted by the dreamer and their own associations to every aspect of the dream. The dreamer with the aid of the therapist explores the issues presented, and the emotions evoked. One dream can represent many levels and layers and at the same time can present subjective/objective attitudes and approaches that can be incorporated in the dreamer’s life.  Dreamwork uses the dreamer’s language because the dream would mean distinct things to different people. The dreamer will know the right meaning of the dream as it touches and resonates within them and produces that  “aha” moment. Dreamwork uses a Jungian oriented interpretation style.