Creative Process Counseling


Medical Intuitive



Susan counsels individuals, couples, children, families, and is a group facilitator. Experience a session of expanded counseling with Susan that creates a therapeutic counseling environment to focus on healing your own core issues. Susan is an intuitive depth psychotherapist and as a medical intuitive utilizes her intuition and “in-sight” to seek the core or root cause of a physical symptom, emotional issue, or other influence that seemingly disturbs a person. Explore the complex relationship between your body and your mind as it relates to your own physical symptoms as an emotional reaction to personal issue or life experience that has been stored in your body as a symptom or pain. Counseling is a collaborative effort in which Susan uses the soulful qualities of clarity and “insight” to look through the physical, visible reality to the invisible energies, impulses, urges, forces, influences, inner conflict or inner pain affecting the life.
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