Phone Consultations

For those at a distance, a phone consultation is accurate, reliable, and most helpful. Susan has been consulting with clients by telephone since 1984. A phone consult is one hour long.

The phone session may include an intuitive scan with remote viewing if requested. Additionally, phone work may utilize your  dreams, symptoms, personal emotional issues and your inner world experiences. The inner shifts occur when inner world reactions happen to you as you work with your own material to integrate your own issues into a personal insight and meaningful understanding.

Susan facilitates your work with your own inner world invisible energies to dissolve and melt away the blocking influences, the barriers, your inner disturbances, your mind’s moods and atmospheres such as fear, anger, tensions, pain etc. to return to your own personal sense of integration with a feeling of a centered well being.

SKYPE Video Call sessions are also available.

“Dreams are the art of the human soul.” – Donald Broadribb

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